Tyler Shores global innovation forum London 2024

I had a blast chatting with Max Angelov at the Global Innovation Forum in London. I can’t wait to be taking part in the big event this November, along with Catherine Hasted.

In advance of November, GIFL has created a series of short videos, GIFL #SPARX

And here’s a breakdown of my chat with Max:

The conversation points the impact of digital habits on our daily lives, exploring strategies for improving digital wellbeing and fostering a more productive work environment. The interview offers valuable perspectives on educational technology, career development, as well as the intersection of technology and mental health.

00:01:02 – Introduction and Personal Background

00:01:55 – The ThinkLab

00:03:32 – The Future of Work and Neurodiversity

00:05:04 – Workplace Wellbeing Trend to Watch

00:06:37 – Squiggly Careers and Identifying Super Strengths

00:09:43 – Embracing Ambiguity

00:11:26 – Digital Habits and Their Impact on Everyday Life

00:14:48 – Tips & Tricks for Digital Wellbeing

00:16:36 – Final Call to Action

And check out the GIFL SPARX website for the fascinating range of expert stories.

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