Hay Festival

One of my favorite experiences in my entire career: It was such a thrill to be able to speak at the Hay Festival (May 2019), “Reading in an Age of...

harry shearer Cambridge Simpson

Harry Shearer on The Simpsons and Political Satire at Jesus College

One of my favorite events! Harry and I discuss The Simpsons, political satire, and more.

Thomas Roulet Tyler shores wellbeing

Cambridge Alumni Festival: Wellbeing in the workplace: organisational strategies for the post-pandemic world with Thomas Roulet

  The COVID pandemic has triggered a radical shift in the nature of work. With this, mental and physical health at work have become even more important challenges. As some degree...

digital distractions and digital wellbeing Emmanuel College

Emmanuel College, Cambridge

In my visit to Emmanuel College, Cambridge I discuss what some of the research might suggest about how we manage our time and selves online.

Tyler Shores - Quiet Social Club Podcast

Deep Work, Digital Wellbeing & Social Media Surprises with quietsocialclub

In this week’s episode, we invited Tyler Shores, the ThinkLab Manager at the University of Cambridge and digital wellbeing researcher to speak to us about his  insights and learnings. His...

crosstown doughnuts Tyler shores

Academics with Doughnuts with Conrad Chua

I had a great time chatting with Conrad Chua talking about offices and workspaces, at our favorite doughnut place in Cambridge — Crosstown Doughnuts. And I think #academicswithdoughnuts should be...

kpmg digital future of work hackathon

KPMG Digital Future of Work Hackathon

The future of work hackathon is on! @ThinkLabCam is here with @KPMG, @Microsoft teams to imagine how we work, and what the near future of work might look like. #London...

on the reg Inger Mewburn Tyler shores Mark Carrigan

On The Reg Podcast: Tips for the lockdown you have when you’re not really having a lockdown.

Jason and Inger are on summer holidays! This episode is one Inger recorded last year with Mark Carrigan and Tyler shores. There’s lot of nerdy stuff about productivity in here,...

tyler shores cambridge How to be mindful of technology use

How to be mindful of technology use

As part of the Better Learning Leadership Conference 2021, I spoke about how to be mindful of your technology use and shared his tips on how to ‘switch off’.

Tyler shores Libraries, Readers, and Digital Distraction

RLUK – Libraries, Readers, and Digital Distraction

In this talk with RLUK I address how digital engagement is more important than ever before for libraries, and how user attention and distraction are not so either/or as they might at first seem .

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