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New Cambridge ThinkLab Event: Digital Well-Being & the Future of Work

I’m very excited for our latest ThinkLab event happening on April 15, 2024 on digital wellbeing and the future of work. We’ll be working with the Intellectual Forum at Jesus...

cambridge thinklab future of work hackathon

Highlights From The Cambridge ThinkLab Future of Work Hackathon

In December 2023, we hosted our first-ever ThinkLab hackathon, on the future of work and neurodiversity. We were thrilled to host research students from Cambridge, colleagues from Google and a...

typewriter at Cambridge museum of technology

Typewriters and tech nostalgia

I really like typewriters. Or, I really like the idea of typewriters. It’s totally impractical and I doubt I would really use it, but I am spending too much time...

writing kindle scribe

The Kindle Scribe kind of sucks

I spent a couple of weeks with the Kindle Scribe. Some of it was really impressive, but there were one too many shortcomings to make it...

cambridge shut up and write

Shut Up and Write! Cambridge

Today has been a very writing-centric kind of day. ThinkLab has been teaming up with the folks behind the international Shut Up and Write! community to host a couple of...

ThinkLab TikTok cambridge

ThinkLab on TikTok!

  ThinkLab is on TikTok! Our Research Associate Reanna Brooks did a stellar job with this Day In The Life of ThinkLab video, as we made a trip to London,...


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I run the ThinkLab at the University of Cambridge, and research digital habits, productivity, and wellbeing.

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