What is BookPerk.com?

What is BookPerk.com?

According to eBookNewser (“HarperCollins Launches Bookperk Social Reading Site”), think of it as a Groupon, for books: “Like Groupon, Bookperk users can get special group discounts on products, as well as gain access to special events.”

You know what? I actually kind of like the idea. It’s certainly worth a try, and the more that book publishers are getting creative in book marketing, the better.

The only limiting factor might be how creative HarperCollins can be in generating enticing offers. From a casual glance if past offers, there seem to be a mix of things worth checking out, such as signed copies of Michael Chabon’s new children’s book. I certainly see an opportunity to work with bookstores and coordinate on authors events (or, maybe that’s already being planned?).

[update: Signed copies of the 10th Anniversary edition of Neil Gaiman’s American Gods? That does it, I’m signing up for their Twitter feed.]

For the full announcement at Publishers Weekly: “HarperCollins, S&S launch New Online Reader Services

“HarperCollins’ Bookperk.com is a new website based on the Groupon.com model that gives readers a change to get special stuff — from signed first editions and slip-cased titles to swag bags, private tours and chances to meet authors — offered at all manner of discount prices and exclusive deals.

Consumers can sign up to receive daily notifications from Bookperk.com about offers and exclusive deals that readers can then forward to their friends. Once a certain number of consumers sign-on for the deal — the sign-up numbers change for every item — everyone can get the offer.”


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