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Mac Observer has a very nifty series of ongoing articles, “Everything About eBooks” that is worth checking out.

It gives about as good an overview of the current state of ebooks — with a nice explanation of the competing ebook ecosystems — that I have seen. For anyone debating the merits of which particular device to invest in (should you get a tablet that can do many things, including reading? or an ereader device that is only for reading?), the articles are quite useful.

I’d suggest reading at least Part 1 and the first half of Part 2 — that should give a good eBooks 101 crash course without getting bogged down into overly many details.

Here are the links:

Part 1: Introduction

Part 2: eBook Types

Part 3: Apple’s iPad

Part 4: B&N Nook HD

Part 5: Google Nexus 10

And, an interesting analogy in comparing the iPad vs. the Nook which I found not inaccurate. (The article is fairly pro-Nook in general, which is just something to keep in mind):

“Here’s an analogy that shows the difference. Consider a Saturday lunch dining experience at the mall. You wander into the food court, and there are lots of choices. You can nibble here, nibble there and sit where you wish. Change tables if desired. You can even see some of the storefronts out in the mall corridor and ponder visiting. There’s a lot going on: lots of loud music, chatter, and the hall is full of energy. That’s the iPad mini.


The next time, you try a sit-down restaurant. The decor and surroundings don’t change much. You have a fixed menu. You stay at the same table the whole time you eat. It’s quieter. The server makes a friendly suggestion about dessert. You don’t feel constrained because you’re reveling in the dinning experience. That’s the Barnes & Noble Nook.”


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