The KPMG Future of Work Hackathon

It is an action-packed couple of days in London, at the KPMG Ignition Center for the KPMG Future of Work Hackathon. Teams of researchers, professionals and innovators from a range of backgrounds of expertise came together to come up with solutions to tackle some of the pressing questions around the future of work:

  • What technologies will employees and employers need in the future?
  • How do we break down the barriers to truly global working with people in different time zones and territories?
  • How do we bring the benefits of a face-to-face experience into the digital world?
  • How do we create a sense of culture and belonging in the hybrid workplace?

The teams had 48 hours to to ideate, prototype and pitch their ideas to the panel of judges (including me):

The energy in the area was palpable — nothing quite like bringing together a ton of creative and entrepreneurial thinking in a goal-focused environment to see what everyone can come up with! And the filming crew was hard at work throughout, kind of felt like being in an episode of The Office:

It was also a pleasure to have Thomas Roulet from the Judge Business School join to talk about his research on remote working:

You can read more about Thomas’ work in this brilliant article over at MIT Sloan Management Review: How Shifts in Remote Behavior Affect Employee Well-Being


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