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I think this website is great: The Book Cover Archive. While there is some debate about what book covers mean in the eBook Era (New York Times: “In E-Book Era, You Can’t Even Judge a Cover”), and perhaps the proliferation of ereading devices mean a loss of an important visual element in the social life of book reading — to “project your own literary tastes” as the Times notes — I’m of the opinion that book covers become even more important than ever. What with the thus far fairly limited design options with ebooks, the ebook cover affords an opportunity for some creative latitude, both in form and function. Digital book covers are something that I expect will become more a topic of interest in the nearer future. A book cover isn’t everything, after all, but there’s something about an elegant book cover that adds something to the reading or owning of a good book, isn’t there?

And, the Book Cover archive blog ain’t bad. I’ve added it to my RSS reader list. For the true bibliophiles at heart, it’s really kind of engrossing.

And check out their Top Ten Covers of the 200s post.


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