Coffee Shop Noise, and Our Brains

I love writing and working at coffee shops. Writing and staring at a computer all day gets a little lonely — so there is something mildly reassuring about being in the middle...

“Zen in the Art of Writing” by Ray Bradbury

Lots has already been written about Ray Bradbury this week, looking back at one of modern science fiction’s most recognizable primogenitors. But I wonder if there isn’t much to be...

“Omit Needless Words” — Thoughts on The Elements of Style

For no reason in particular, I was thinking about The Elements of Style the other day. I’m quite fond of my hardcover copy of The Illustrated Elements of Style. The...

Atlantic Wire: 15 Excellent Tips for Writing a Book

Working on a book? Check out The Atlantic Wire: “15 Excellent Tips for Writing a Book.” It might be the next best thing to sitting with a group of writers...

iPhone Apps for Writers

When it comes down to jotting down writing notes and ideas, I prefer analog. I’m very fond of my Moleskine and pencil, and nothing is threatening to replace that anytime...

Favorite iPad Apps for Writers

To follow up on our recent look at iPhone writing apps, I decided to spend some time putting together a list of favorite iPad writing apps. While it’s hard to...

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