Books vs. eBooks?

I found this nifty infographic (click on the image to check out the giant-sized version), which is opportunity enough to think about some aspects of the relation of books and...

Briefly Noted: “The book is great technology, but it’s not good for everything”

Some ebook-related thoughts, courtesy of GigaOM: “The book is great technology, but it’s not good for everything.” Sure, the gist of it all is that ebooks can do some things...

Recommended: Embracing the digital book

Many people have opinions on ebooks, and what they should be. And some of those opinions are even good ones. This is one of the best things I’ve read on...

Wired, and Thoughts on Amazon and the ebook Subscription Question

Just to add a few more thoughts from last time on Amazon’s purported plan to create its own digital library service (see also: The Use-Value of eBooks: Rent or Buy...

EPUB ebooks and iBooks

Here’s a helpful, user-friendly (with a screenshot walkthrough) guide on getting EPUB ebooks onto iBooks: “How To Convert ePub & PDF eBooks Into iPhone’s iBooks” It covers the three of...

Reading ebooks on the iPhone

How often do you read books on your phone? I have to admit, I’ve never really been a huge fan of reading ebooks on the iPhone (“the screen’s too small,”...


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