The Economist, on Enhanced eBooks

Enhanced ebooks are still very much a topic for debate. Will readers want, and be willing to pay more for, the added content in enhanced ebook editions ? Maybe. So far,...

Infographic: “The Rise of E-Readers”

Who reads more: people who read books, or people who read ebooks? I prefer my societal trends in infographic form. Here’s one from GOOD (“The Rise of E-Readers”) The most...

Neuroscience on eBooks

The neuroscience of reading is an incredibly fascinating topic — does the brain process words on a printed page differently than words on a screen? How? Why? And what could those things...

What eBooks Do To Our Brains

When thinking about the reading experience of printed books compared to ebooks, we generally make arguments for one or the other in terms of our own subjective reading experience. But — could...

“Should eBooks Be Distinguished From Books?”

Here’s something to think about: “Should eBooks Be Distinguished From Books?” (eBookNewser) Sure, it’s a question for ebook-obsessives and publishers to think about now. But, it’s not all that far-fetched...

eBooks, Errors, and Plato

On the topic of ebook errors, let’s at least ask the question: should ebooks be edited, post-release? Our initial reaction may well be: “yes, why not?” But, TeleRead (“E-books: Good...


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