eBooks, and how well do we remember what we read?

Do we remember what we read better from paper books, or ebooks? Other than our own personal inclinations, the early — and fairly preliminary — research at University of Leicester gives paper books the...

The Cell Phone Novel

This is a topic I’ve been thinking about for no particular reason — cell phone novels. My main motivation for this particular post is an attempt to wrap my head around the...

What You Should Know About eBooks and Privacy.

I happen to think ebook privacy is a big deal, and anyone that has read an ebook should be at least aware of a few things. To that end, The...

Thoughts on “Reading in the Brain”

Were I a scientist, I would want to be doing work like this. Reading in the Brain: The Science and Evolution of a Human Invention by Stanislas Dehaene is one...

Thoughts on Distracted Reading

I hate being distracted when I read. Online ads in articles, pop-up notifications from email/Facebook/text message/etc … sometimes it all feels rather draining when you just want to get through a...

What Fiction Does To Our Brains.

Some new stuff about the neuroscience of fiction, from The New York Times: “Your Brain on Fiction.” Based on brain scans, researchers are making inferences about what happens in our...


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