On Selling Used Ebooks

Here’s some potentially-interesting news, from Gizmodo: “Amazon Has a Patent to Sell Used Ebooks.” What’s noteworthy about the used ebook patent is that it sounds like a step towards solidifying...

Useful: “Everything about eBooks”

Mac Observer has a very nifty series of ongoing articles, “Everything About eBooks” that is worth checking out. It gives about as good an overview of the current state of...

More Thoughts on Rereading Books

Following up on our thoughts from yesterday (The Joys of Rereading) … The Millions (“The Books We Come Back To”) discusses a very specific type of rereading: people who reread the...

The Joys of Rereading

I have mixed feelings about rereading books. There is an undeniable pleasure in rereading personal favorites (it’s a small list of novels that I can and have reread again and...

Thoughts on Reading Time

Here’s a good question, from The Guardian: Who Stole Our Reading Time? Of course, the answer itself is no great mystery: “Now, the reader is under assault from hundreds of...

Thoughts on eBooks, and Notes

Do you take notes in your ebooks? I am a chronic note-taker, so the topic of ebook notes is a fairly significant preoccupation of mine. In terms of note-taking and...


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