“What If We Put DRM on Chairs?”

DRM CHAIR from Thibault Brevet on Vimeo. (DRM = Digital Rights Management) Chairs and ebooks don’t have a lot in common. But just what if they did? From Escapist Magazine:...

On Not Reading Books

I like to assume, in all of my bookish hubris, that the reading of books is an excellent use of our free time. But in the interest of open-mindedness, let’s...

Are Pay-As-You-Go eBooks a Good Idea?

Gizmodo (“Would You Buy Ebooks on a Pay-As-You-Read Basis?”) reports on a start-up with an intriguing approach to ebook pricing. “The idea is simple: instead of paying for a book...

“How to Use a Kindle as a Bookmark”

GalleyCat posted a collection of Twitter responses to the image in question. Perhaps books and ebooks can live in peaceful coexistence after all.

Who Reads eBooks?

Recently, Random House shared some of its insights into ebook reading habits: (“Who Reads eBooks?”). Younger, well-educated, higher-income women seemed to represent a healthy slice of the ebook reading population....

Do We Remember Facebook Better Than Books …?

Here’s some food for thought, courtesy of Salon: “Study: People can remember more about Facebook than real books” — “Researchers at the University of Warwick and the University of California,...


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