E-Reading and Eye Strain

The other day, I took a look at the readability of different e-reading devices. One of the factors influencing the question of e-readability is certainly what effects reading on those...

E-Readers and Book Readability

The Wall Street Journal has a good article this week, debating the relative virtues of Amazon’s Kindle and the recently debuted Barnes & Noble Nook Touch in terms of readability:...

“There’s a Benefit to Slowness” — The Form of Books & eBooks

To continue from yesterday’s thoughts on ebook design, here’s the Los Angeles Times (“Making books do things e-books can’t — and vice versa”), suggesting that the evolution of the ebook form could...

Bookmarkable Reading: Wired and Why E-Books Look So Ugly

Now granted that there is something to be said about the whole beauty being in the eye of the beholder thing, but Wired takes up a question (“Why E-Books Look...

The eBook Generation (no, the other one)

While at the airport, I couldn’t help noticing the people who were reading on Kindles and iPads. One thing that caught my attention was that the average ebook user — in this...

eBooks and the Changing Experience of Book Lending

Lending and sharing books is one of the most enjoyable social aspects of having and reading books. So how does this social practice evolve as readers expand from printed books...


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