Can you really read a book on the Apple Watch?

We have many options when it comes to ebook reading, and the Apple Watch might be the most surprising option of all — the 1.5 inch screen makes it quite a challenge,...

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Ebooks and Fonts

Co.Design (“The Kindle Finally Gets Typography That Doesn’t Suck”) had an interesting article that caught my attention, which provides a design-focused, nuanced look at one of the more unnoticed aspects...

Are Screens at Bedtime Bad For Us? Yes.

File this one under Things We Know Really Should Stop Doing (via NPR: “One More Reason To Reach For A Paper Book Before Bed”), staring at light-emitting (specifically shorter wavelength...

How Important is Screen Size for Reading?

When it comes to reading on devices, how important is screen size? Pocket, the reading and bookmarking app, looked at how some of its users opened some 2 million articles...

Could wearable technology track our reading habits?

With the recent intense interest surrounding the Apple Watch and what it might or might not do (I can hardly wait to see one in person), more general questions about...

Amazon Popular Highlights, the “Hawking Index”, and Attention Spans

There’s so much more information about our reading habits online now, it’s tantalizing to think about the possibilities. Jordan Ellenberg (Wall Street Journal: “The Summer’s Most Popular Book is …”) had...


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