Neat: All of Hamlet, printed on one bookmark

Here’s a clever idea for a bookmark: the entire text of Hamlet in minuscule type on one bookmark (about 30,000 words or so). Sounds like the perfect Shakespeare-themed bookmark to...

Eggs à la Nabokov and Other Interesting Literary Recipes

Food, and literature? Yes. Here’s a fun one from Flavorwire (“How to Eat Like Your Favorite Authors”). It is quite a list, with varying levels of complexity (ranging from Vladimir...

Literature, as Comic Books

Here’s a fun one from Flavorwire (“Classic Literature Transformed into Comic Book Art”) detailing the literature-as-comic-books series, Illustrated Classics: “Running 169 issues long, the series’ first run ended in 1971,...

Cool: Crime and Punishment, in Batman Form.

Parody and literature is a favorite pet topic of mine. There’s something pleasurable about seeing familiar literature spun into amusingly unfamiliar forms.* As Nabokov said — “Satire is a lesson, parody is...

Famous Writers, and Make-Believe Recipes

Here’s a fun link from Brainpickings: “Recipes and Household Tips from Great Writers” — “an imaginative and impossibly humorous omnibus of literary impersonation by parodist extraordinaire Mark Crick, who guides...

“10 Novels That Will Sharpen Your Mind”

Literature! and Science! Scientific American shares “10 Novels That Will Sharpen Your Mind” featuring an interactive image exploring some of the ways that reading fiction affects our brains. Reading fiction...

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