Everything You Need to Know About the Amazon Kindle and Library Books

Amazon has finally made Kindle ebook borrowing available at more than 11,000 public library locations in the U.S., which is fantastic news. This also means that borrowed Kindle books work...

NPR: Do Libraries Really Destroy Books?

Fascinating article from NPR (“Hard Choices: Do Libraries Really Destroy Books?”), that falls under the category of: “Things we may occasionally wonder about, but don’t really want to think about.”...

Thoughts on The Bookless Library

Time magazine posed a question worth thinking about: “Is a Bookless Library Still a Library?” This certainly gets into interesting existential questions about what makes a library a library — thinking about...

Google Books and The British Library

Hey, this is some neat news. Google Books and the British Library today announced a partnership to digitize 250,000 out-of-copyright books, pamphlets, and various other periodicals (spanning some 40 million...

10 More Interesting Digital Library Collections

Google Books Library Project — It would be impossible to talk about digital library collections without mentioning Google — one of the most impressive and most-discussed of all of the digital book scanning projects....

10 Interesting Digital Library Collections

The Age of Digital Books has certainly made it easier for us to see and explore old, historical books. Such as this great online collection of marginalia from Harvard which...


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