Amazon Popular Highlights, the “Hawking Index”, and Attention Spans

There’s so much more information about our reading habits online now, it’s tantalizing to think about the possibilities. Jordan Ellenberg (Wall Street Journal: “The Summer’s Most Popular Book is …”) had...

Cool: Oxford’s Gutenberg Bible Online, in Amazingly High Resolution

How cool is this? From Open Culture: “Oxford University Presents the 550-Year-Old Gutenberg Bible in Spectacular, High-Res Detail” “This Tuesday, The Polonsy Foundation Digitization Project, which aims to digitize the...

On Reading Books in the Dark

I am an avid bedtime reader, for better or for worse. So this article from the Wall Street Journal, “Does reading in dim light hurt your eyes?” certainly piqued my...

“Tsundoku: Illustrated Definition of a Book Lover’s Problem”

I love that there’s a word for this: (n). buying books and not reading them; letting books pile up unread on shelves or floors or nightstands From GalleyCat (“Tsundoku: Illustrated...

“How to Use a Kindle as a Bookmark”

GalleyCat posted a collection of Twitter responses to the image in question. Perhaps books and ebooks can live in peaceful coexistence after all.

BookRx, and Book Recommendations … from Twitter?

I’m always interested in new ways that people are using data to gain insight into readerly behavior. So here’s a neat idea: BookRx is a recently launched experiment from the...


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