Speaking at the Hay Festival 2019: Reading in an Age of Digital Distraction

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Exciting news: I’ll be speaking at one of the coolest literary festivals in the world this year, and am extremely excited to be a part. It is a wonderful event running from May 23 through June 2 this year, taking place in Hay-on-Wye.

Here’s a link (or click on the image above) for the official press release about the Hay Festival from the University of Cambridge. I’ll be speaking about reading in an age of digital distractions and will be participating with several other very interesting speakers from the University.

Here’s a link to the just released full schedule, which is full of many literary luminaries. Very exciting — and more details coming soon! I’ll share a few sneak preview details here and on Twitter in the lead-up to my talk on May 31st.

You can book tickets to the Hay Festival event here. If you’re coming, please do get in touch — looking forward to seeing you there!


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I run the ThinkLab at the University of Cambridge, and research digital habits, productivity, and wellbeing.

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