“Sony Taco.”

Did you see this news from Wired? “Behold, It Folds” —

“Ever wish you could fold your tablet in half and stick it in your pocket? Well now you can! It’s all thanks to the innovators at Sony, who figured that what the Android tablet market is missing can be summed up in one word: foldability.”

Different doesn’t always mean better, but ok, there is some practicality in terms of the Sony Taco’s portability, compared to say, an iPad:

“this is not a frivolous innovation. There a few surprisingly good reasons why you’d want to fold up your tablet. The main one is portability: When snapped shut it really does slip easily into your back pocket, a jacket pocket, or even a smallish purse.”

It has some pluses. But in terms of e-readers, foldability isn’t going to add very much to the reading experience.

Speaking of which, what about the foldable e-ink screen? (Check out some pictures of the folding e-ink screen prototype, in this article from mythbusting friends Jamie and Adam).


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