Social Media Tips for Academic and Research Blogs

Are you thinking of doing more blogging during these strange and challenging times?


I’ve gathered some of my favorite tips and resources for you in one space. And if you have other tried and true tips, please share!




Attending an interesting session or online conference? Here are some good tips and etiquette (always attribute your sources when you can) to get you started:


Google Analytics


I know sometimes I talk about analytics a lot (too much??). But understanding your online audience is key, and Google Analytics is a tremendous free tool:


Timing and Social Media


What good is a post if everyone else is asleep? Here is an excellent guide from Sprout that I recommend:


Is your blog mobile-friendly?


Chances are, if you have a newer blog, using WordPress or another updated platform, you are ok. But roughly half of your traffic is going to be read on small screens, so it’s good to check:


Writing Social Media Posts: Best Practices


Here are a few sources of good advice that I recommend:




Twitter Lists:


Twitter Lists are very helpful! I highly recommend taking a look and seeing how you can use these to organize and build your online audiences.

How to Search Your Own Tweets:


I use this a lot, actually:


Some Academics Hashtags:


Here’s a small list, just to get you started. Twitter is a wonderful place to discover all kinds of online communities:

• #PhDChat

• #PhDAdvice

• #PhDLife

• #PhD

• #PhDlifehack

• #PhDshelfie

• #ScholarSunday

• #AcWri (academic writing)

• #Academia

• #Cambridge

• #CambridgeUniversity

• #HistEd

• #AcademicswithCats

• #FollowFriday

Social Media Calender:


Having a calendar of your blog posts or social media posts can be an excellent way to stay organized, while also not having to spend constant time online:



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