So — Who Organizes Books by Color?

I didn’t really know this is a thing that people did. I don’t love it, or really hate it. From Apartment Therapy (“In Defense of: Organizing Books by Color”). It is a photogenic approach to book organization, but super-convinced by the defense arguing for it:

“1. It can be practical.
Believe it or not, traditional organization methods like alphabetical by author, fiction/non-fiction or subject matter don’t work for everyone, all the time. Some people just don’t have a head for names or titles, and some books don’t fit neatly into a defined topic (a travel memoir which includes recipes, say).

For the visual thinkers out there, organizing their books by color might just be the easiest way to find what they’re looking for. You might not remember who wrote that great novel you read last summer, but the bright blue cover could easily stick in your mind.”

If you buy into the argument that books are things, and should be organized aesthetically as things … I guess. But is it really easier to find a book by its color?


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