Oxford University Press Launches New Digital Education Platforms

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This summer, Oxford University Press launched three new digital education platforms for schools in India: Oxford Educate, Oxford Achiever, and My Maths.

NDTV (“Oxford University Press to Launch 3 Digital Platform Programmes in India”) shares some details on the new projects —

“Oxford Educate Premium is a digital aid that integrates an e-book with interactive tools and learning materials. It incorporates a variety of resources: interactive animations, videos, poem and prose animations and audios for different courses, instructional slide shows, lesson plans, answer keys, additional worksheets, image references and much more.

Oxford Achievers is a Web-based assessment programme that will help in measuring the impact of a teaching-and-learning process.”

The news caught my attention because I haven’t seen many university publishers going the route of content creation, and I think it’s an intriguing strategy. Web-based online learning and the kinds of insights it might provide about student learning habits will be worth keeping an eye on to see what happens with all of this.

Also worth noting: The Times of India (“City schools lag on digital content: Publisher”) reported earlier this year that the shift from print to digital within India schools has been slow to say the least, with less than 10% of the content being used. Further research of the factors contributing to the slow adoption would be very interesting: is it the content itself that doesn’t translate readily to digital format? or perhaps issues with the infrastructure in schools? or simply teacher or student preference?


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