Here’s something I just discovered and am filing away under Potentially Interesting:

Reminds me of Edge (which is so good). PublicBooks caught my attention because of their mix of topics and mediums ( e-books, audiobooks, and apps, feature films and viral videos, art exhibits and performances). Count me intrigued. Couldn’t find a lot of information, so here’s this from their website

“Public Books supports an international community of emerging and established intellectuals and artists committed to vigorous debate about works and ideas that deserve timely, intensive discussion.

… Why call a review Public Books when new publics and platforms are changing how we read and revolutionizing the book form? Even as many bemoan its decline, the book is gaining new life as a symbol both for deep engagement and for the inventions transforming reading into an increasingly shared, fast-paced experience. The title Public Books encapsulates our goal of combining the liveliness, timeliness, and communality of public life with the craft, reflection, and care associated with books at their best.”

Content on the website is a little sparse at the moment, but it’s a neat idea — and I like the thinking behind it. Worth bookmarking and checking out for later.

Nice design, too.


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