Neat: All of Hamlet, printed on one bookmark

Here’s a clever idea for a bookmark: the entire text of Hamlet in minuscule type on one bookmark (about 30,000 words or so). Sounds like the perfect Shakespeare-themed bookmark to bookmark your Shakespeare. I’m not sure how I’d use it on my Kindle, though. Link courtesy of NY Daily News (“Mini Shakespeare texts: All of ‘Hamlet’ is now on one bookmark”).

They sure know their audience: “The idea came from a joke on a shirt he had that read: ‘I’m so bookish, my bookmarks are smaller books.’”

Here’s where you can buy the bookmarks. Nice of them to put a cautionary note warning against trying to read the whole bookmark for fear of eyestrain —

“So, you’re dorky enough to bookmark your books with smaller books? Now, we make it convenient by putting all of Hamlet on a single bookmark.”


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