Live-blogging: Social Media and Doing a PhD — Problems and Opportunities

It was quite a busy day at the University of Birmingham with our #SocialMediaPhD workshop. It can be helpful after a day full of information and ideas to commit some things to paper to digest later.

This photo gallery recounts our group activity “Social media and doing a PhD: problems and opportunities.”

As all of the pens, post-it notes, Apple Pencils, and coffee mugs nestled into the corners of the photos indicate, it can be a lot of work to do some group brainstorming and reflect.

Each poster is grouped into three columns:

  • What we learned
  • How to use it
  • What we’re still wondering about (perhaps useful for a future workshop?)

Take a look for yourself to see what our groups shared — and of course feel free to add any suggestions or questions you might have as well.

Some of the quick highlights:


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