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When it comes down to jotting down writing notes and ideas, I prefer analog. I’m very fond of my Moleskine and pencil, and nothing is threatening to replace that anytime soon, or ever.

But sometimes, the iPhone does have its advantages over the analog method.

And thanks to all of that texting and emailing practice, I’ll admit the iPhone makes for a pretty handy alternate for pencil and paper. Sometimes.

I’d often resort to sending myself emails or using Google Docs mobile, or EverNote, or the Notes app. But none of those options are all that satisfying for one reason or another.

Writing apps don’t need to be anything fancy. In fact, simpler is better. It just needs to be easy to use, and work well. Some basic formatting would be nice. Syncing would be a must (“it’s in the cloud!!!”), so you can work wherever you go with minimal hassle. Plus, lots of other multi-purpose apps function perfectly well as writing apps in a pinch.

eBookNewser (“Best iPhone Apps for Writing”) has a nice list to get you started. Personally, I like WriteRoom best out of that bunch but that’s merely a matter of personal preference.

Another useful list, courtesy of Freelance Folder: “The Great Big (30+) List of iPhone Apps for Writers.”

My Writing Spot is worth taking a look at.

I still haven’t found the perfect writing app. Do you know one? Let me know, please!


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