How to Pick a Kindle

This is great. Bravo, to The for this helpful reference (click on the image for a link to the larger version). More choices can be good, but with that comes more cognitive resources we need to devote to decide on which Kindle-gadget suits our needs:

“After this week’s announcements, Amazon is now selling 14 different models under the Kindle brand.

The current Kindle lineup varies on no fewer than 11 different features by my count, with 2 to 5 possible variants for each of the 11 features. Many options are tied to others and can’t be chosen independently. Adding to the complexity, there’s not even a specific price for a particular feature”

Shouldn’t Amazon have one of these nifty flowcharts? As Michael Degusta points out, it is a little weird to see this crowded of a product lineup, isn’t it?

(you can also find a pick-your-iPad-model flowchart as well, which is notably simpler)


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