How Do You Sign a Kindle?

How do you sign a Kindle book? On the one hand, there’s David Sedaris and the more 1.0 solution to Kindle ebook autographs — which kind of really works only once. On the other hand, there’s this bit of news courtesy of GeekWire (“KindleGraph allows authors to autograph digital books”). Kindlegraph is the brainchild of Evan Jacobs, a former Amazon guy, which provides a new possible solution for author-signed Kindle books, by utilizing e-signature technology.

Kindlegraph is still in its nascent stages (impressively, it was built and developed over a May 15–16 hackathon), but the potential is there for something interesting. Basically, a Kindle user can send a request for a kindlegraph, at which point an author is notified of said request, types in a personalized message, which then goes to a DocuSign website, and finally is delivered as a pdf to the requester’s Kindle. Kind of neat. This could work for virtual-type author events. (pic on the right is sem-related: an American Gods Neil Gaimain-signed Kindle. I just think it’s really cool).

In general, this is a topic that interests me quite a bit (check out: “How Do You Sign an eBook?”). I seem to remember Barnes & Noble talking about NOOK signings, but haven’t seen anything much about that lately. Autography presents a compelling option for iPad ebook-signings, that provide a more tactile experience, and have the added virtue of coming in handy when you don’t have a pen handy but want Obama’s autograph.

You can find out a bit more information on the Kindlegraph website, which also has a helpful video demo. (Twitter sign-in is required to request a Kindlegraph from the current lineup of books available).

It’ll be worth keeping an eye on how Kindlegraph develops and what direction it takes. It’s kind of a neat idea. I’d try it.


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