Highlights From The Cambridge ThinkLab Future of Work Hackathon

In December 2023, we hosted our first-ever ThinkLab hackathon, on the future of work and neurodiversity. We were thrilled to host research students from Cambridge, colleagues from Google and a great range of expertise from various industries and organizations.

Here’s a quick highlights video:

You can find our entire collection of recorded talks and interviews from the ThinkLab hackathon on the ThinkLab YouTube channel here.

And I wanted to share some of my personal favorites:

Thomas Roulet and Kiran Bhatti opened the ThinkLab hackathon with a very interesting talk on wellbeing intelligence in the workplace:

Aurelia Deflandre is the neurodiversity advocacy lead in Google Ireland, and joined us to share her perspectives on the future of work for neurodivergent individuals:

And here are some thoughts from Inger Mewburn (aka The Thesis Whisperer) who was visiting us in Cambridge as our first-ever ThinkLab Visiting Scholar in Residence:

Here’s an article over at Jesus College on the ThinkLab Hackathon: “Jesus College hosts innovative Hackathon on inclusivity in the workplace

We will have a ThinkLab page up with all of our various photos, in the meantime here’s a quick action shot of us in the Webb Library at Jesus College:

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