EPUB ebooks and iBooks

Here’s a helpful, user-friendly (with a screenshot walkthrough) guide on getting EPUB ebooks onto iBooks: “How To Convert ePub & PDF eBooks Into iPhone’s iBooks

It covers the three of the main methods you’ll probably use for most ebook transferring to iBooks — dragging and dropping through iTunes; downloading books through iBookstore; and opening up PDF books through email.

For converting those ebook files into EPUB form, Calibre (free) is a must-have. It’s pretty much the best and perhaps only ebook conversion software you’ll need for 99% of getting your ebooks to and from one device to another.

The Ebook Reader has more details on EPUB and iBooks and another explanation of importing those files via iTunes —

“The iBooks app is compatible with DRM-free EPUB and PDF files and Apple’s ebooks. Sorry, that’s it for formats. If you load DRM encrypted EPUB files into iBooks they will not open.Getting unencrypted EPUBs onto the device takes a few steps; you cannot drag and drop files directly to the iPad. First, you need to download the file to your computer if you don’t already have a copy. Downloading EPUBs with the Safari web browser on the iPad itself will not work for this app.Next, open iTunes and import the file. Then plug the iPad into your computer using the 30-pin USB connector. Once iTunes recognizes the iPad, it will sync your ebooks if you have auto-sync set-up, otherwise you’ll need to manually sync.”

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