typewriter at Cambridge museum of technology

Typewriters and tech nostalgia

I really like typewriters. Or, I really like the idea of typewriters. It’s totally impractical and I doubt I would really use it, but I am spending too much time...

cambridge shut up and write

Shut Up and Write! Cambridge

Today has been a very writing-centric kind of day. ThinkLab has been teaming up with the folks behind the international Shut Up and Write! community to host a couple of...

thesis whisperer Cambridge second brain for writing

Building a Second Brain (for writing) with The Thesis Whisperer

Continuing The Best Summer Ever, ThinkLab has been hosting Professor Inger Mewburn, aka The Thesis Whisperer, and we’ve been lucky enough to have her in Cambridge delivering a series of...

Tyler Shores OER and the Future of Digital Textbooks

New Book Chapter: OER and the Future of Digital Textbooks

I’m excited that our new book chapter, OER and the Future of Digital Textbooks is now out! Nasia Kotsiou and I wrote this together, and this is part of Handbook...

lego and philosophy

LEGO and Philosophy

My new book chapter in LEGO and Philosophy is out! It’s the latest book in the Blackwell Philosophy and Popular Culture series. This was a very fun one to work...

Ernest hemmingway stand up writing desk

On Writing: Standing vs. Sitting

I love writing while standing up. Sitting at a desk all day might conjure up a romantic, monkish sort of image; but it’s unnatural to me. And apparently, standing is...

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