Bernie Sanders Cambridge Union

Senator Bernie Sanders at the Cambridge Union Society

Senator Bernie Sanders visited the Cambridge Union Society at Cambridge University this past week. Here’s a link to his full talk:  (I wish they could fix the white balance on...

reading books on Apple Watch

Can you really read a book on the Apple Watch?

We have many options when it comes to ebook reading, and the Apple Watch might be the most surprising option of all — the 1.5 inch screen makes it quite...

simpsons math homer 3d

Math and The Simpsons

I finally got a copy of Simon Singh’s The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets. You can also check out an excerpt from Singh’s book at Slate: “Homer’s Last Theorem” [update:...

batman crime and punishment literature parody comic book

Batman, Superman, Crime and Punishment and Literary Parody

Parody and literature is a favorite pet topic of mine. There’s something pleasurable about seeing familiar literature spun into amusingly unfamiliar forms. As Nabokov said — “Satire is a lesson,...

girl with dragon tattoo and philosophy book

Authors@Google in Mountain View

I’ll be at Google in Mountain View for Authors@Google on Dec. 16th, to talk about the newly-released book: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Philosophy. Lots of fun topics...

arrested development and philosophy book

Sneak Preview: Arrested Development and Philosophy

I will have more to share hopefully soon — but for now here is the sneakest of sneak previews. I think this is my favorite book cover in the And...


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