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Live-blogging: Mark Carrigan and Academic blogging and social media

Today I’ll be doing some live-blogging with The Sociological Review for a great workshop at the University of Nottingham: “Social Media and Doing a PhD, What Do You Need to...

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What are digital devices doing to our posture?

I have somewhat of a bad neck from an accident awhile ago, so I am fairly mindful about my neck and pain and strain. It’s no surprise that our ubiquitous...

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New article: “Why The Simpsons are needed more than ever in the age of Donald Trump”

As a follow-up to last week’s visit from Harry Shearer to the University of Cambridge,  Sarah Steele, Todd Gillespie and I have written a new article for The Conversation UK:...

harry shearer Cambridge

Harry Shearer at the University of Cambridge – July 6th, 2018

I will be hosting what should be an excellent event with Harry and we will be taking questions from the audience. He will talk about the The Simpsons in the...

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How Do We Manage Digital Distractions During a PhD?

I’m incredibly interested in the push and pull of digital distractions that we encounter during virtually every waking hour of our everyday lives. It can be quite easy to fall into...

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Social Media Habits and Routines

This post originally appeared on the Cambridge Culture, Politics and Global Justice blog.   Over the past few weeks Mark Carrigan and I have been running a series of sessions...


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