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On how to manage a non-traditional path to Cambridge

I did a new blog post with the Cambridge Careers Blog! Make sure to visit them for more interesting perspectives and stories. In this post, I reflect a bit upon...

Live-blogging: Social Media and Doing a PhD — Problems and Opportunities

It was quite a busy day at the University of Birmingham with our #SocialMediaPhD workshop. It can be helpful after a day full of information and ideas to commit some...

Live-blogging: Academics as social media curators

One of the benefits to using social media as an academic and researcher can be taking part in a larger, shared conversation. Especially when we are first dipping our toes...

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Live-blogging: Pat Thomson, Academic blogging, and social media

Next up was Pat Thomson (patter), Professor of Education in the School of Education, The University of Nottingham. For those of us that are interested in academic blogging, a blog can...

mapping your social media footprint

Live-blogging: Mapping your social media footprint

Live-blogging #SocialMediaPhD: Mapping your social media footprint (full collection via link) @mark_carrigan, @ThomsonPat and @thesiswhisperer @TheSocReview #phdchat #academictwitter #academia — Tyler Shores (@tylershores) December 8, 2018 From today’s...

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Live-blogging: Thesis Whisperer, Academic blogging, and social media

Our next speaker is Inger Mewburn, author of the well-known, and inspiring Thesis Whisperer blog. Echoing Mark Carrigan’s earlier point today, it’s ok to take a less-than-straightforward path to finding...


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I run the ThinkLab at the University of Cambridge, and research digital habits, productivity, and wellbeing.

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