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New Cambridge ThinkLab Event: Digital Well-Being & the Future of Work

I’m very excited for our latest ThinkLab event happening on April 15, 2024 on digital wellbeing and the future of work. We’ll be working with the Intellectual Forum at Jesus...

cambridge thinklab future of work hackathon

Highlights From The Cambridge ThinkLab Future of Work Hackathon

In December 2023, we hosted our first-ever ThinkLab hackathon, on the future of work and neurodiversity. We were thrilled to host research students from Cambridge, colleagues from Google and a...

BBC Enigma neurodiversity

ThinkLab Visit to BBC

It was such highlight to visit the BBC offices at Media City in Salford to talk about our latest ThinkLab project focusing on neurodiversity and the future of work. Here’s...

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Coming Soon: Digital Wellbeing and Digital Productivity edX Course!

For the past year, I’ve been working on an exciting new project with Jesus College and edX to create a brand new online course on Digital Wellbeing and Digital Productivity....

cambridge the ridiculous to the sublime satire

CAM Magazine, “The ridiculous to the sublime — Why Does Satire Exist?”

I shared some thoughts in the latest issue of CAM Magazine, and also had the chance to chat with the always-insightful Harry Shearer about satire and its role in our...

bored lonely angry stupid book

Is Social Media Making Us Lonely?

During this month, I had the pleasure of chatting with Susan J. Matt and Luke Fernandez to discuss the question, “Is Social Media Making Us Lonely?” I was first introduced...


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I run the ThinkLab at the University of Cambridge, and research digital habits, productivity, and wellbeing.

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