CAM Magazine, “The ridiculous to the sublime — Why Does Satire Exist?”

I shared some thoughts in the latest issue of CAM Magazine, and also had the chance to chat with the always-insightful Harry Shearer about satire and its role in our public discourse and how we make sense of the world.

“For me, this kind of satire holds up an honest mirror to the good and the bad of American life,” says Shores. “The importance lies in a thoughtful kind of laughter. Good satire should make us laugh, should make us think and question common assumptions about ourselves. It’s not just to get a laugh but to take a step back – we all have our blind spots, and with social media they have accelerated. We need that prompt.”

And some thoughts from Harry on the topic:

“The last thing a committed organiser wants to generate in a crowd is laughter: it dissipates the will to action. I have the opportunity, in my weekly radio show, to make fun of whatever I want. I took great advantage of that during the Trump years, and I noticed that I was less angry about Trump than all my friends, because I had an outlet. It’s hard to attack a building when you’re laughing.”


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Very interesting read by Lucy Jolin, and you can read the entire article here: CAM Magazine, “The Ridiculous To The Sublime, A History of Satire”



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