Building a Second Brain (for writing) with The Thesis Whisperer

Continuing The Best Summer Ever, ThinkLab has been hosting Professor Inger Mewburn, aka The Thesis Whisperer, and we’ve been lucky enough to have her in Cambridge delivering a series of brilliant events.

One of my favorite of them all has been this brilliant talk, “Building a Second Brain (for writing) with The Thesis Whisperer.” It’s full of incredibly useful information and tips on the seemingly daunting task of keeping all of our information and ideas organized so that we can maximize our academic writing productivity. I really recommend this one, and you can watch in full below:

Here’s a description of the video: In this workshop Professor Inger Mewburn (better known as @thesiswhisperer on the internet) will introduce you to several well known, systematic note taking methods. You’ll explore these techniques in detail to find out what might work for you. We’ll then explore a couple of systems for keeping your notes so you can find them again. We’ll look at both analogue and digital note keeping systems and explore the relative merits of each.

And finally, Inger’s in-depth blog post is a must-read for anyone interested in learning about these topics: “The Thesis Whisperer: Building a second brain for writing – with Obsidian


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