Briefly Noted: Mind The Book

Lifehacker spotlights a new book discovery website (or maybe it’s a webapp) called Mind the Book, which provides book recommendations based on the questions potential readers might have in mind (“Mind the Book Discovers New Books Based on Questions”). It’s still a bit of a work in progress:

“[Mind the Book] is in open beta right now, and many refinements need to be made to realize its full potential. Users can contribute by adding books to the database and also by choosing which books are good answers to the questions posed by the webapp. Don’t expect miracles, but it’s a clever webapp that will hopefully grow in usefulness as the database expands.”

It’s another another approach to web-based book recommendations (you can compare this with another one we looked at earlier: “Briefly Noted:”). As with, a lot of its future will depend on the user participation — should it continue to grow and refine its list of questions (and, add more fiction and literature), this could be something worth keeping an eye on. Perhaps.

You can browse some of the questions and the related books at Mind the Book here.

And check out a sample below: Viktor Frankl, Man’s Search for Meaning:


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