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Did you know you could share Google Books through Google Plus? Ok, maybe you already did know that. I didn’t, so I’m sharing it anyways.

From the Inside Google Books blog, “Share Your Favorite Books with Literary Circles on Google+”:

“Let’s say you are reading Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and you’d like your friends to read it with you (or you have a witty comment to let loose). Simply click on the Google+ Share box on the About the Book page or in a Google Books preview, enter your message, then select which circles you’d like to share details about the book with, and click “share”.”

Well, the main reason I bring this up, is because there could be something more interesting to this. Making reading more social is something that is a very logical next step for companies involved with online book content and networks of users. And since Google happens to have both of those things, it could be well-positioned for a foray into social reading experimentation, because of its massive collection of online book content (somewhere around 15 million scanned books, by the most recent count). Perhaps.

The L.A. Times blog (“Sharing books on Google+”) shared a few additional thoughts on this. As Carolyn Kellogg mentions in that same blog post, the Google + book-sharing isn’t quite as fully integrated as the sentence-sharing features you might find in the Kindle or Kobo reading apps. At least, not yet.


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